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What Types of Customers Do Equipment Hire Services Normally Work With?

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Equipment hire services are companies that usually keep a variety of different types of equipment on hand. They typically rent this equipment out to customers who need it for temporary use, whether they need to rent it for a day, a week or for the duration of the long-term project that they are working on. Equipment hire services usually work with customers of all different types, such as the ones listed below.

Construction Professionals

It is incredibly common for construction professionals to reach out to equipment hire services to rent equipment. A construction company might be working on a bigger project than what they normally work on, so they might need extra equipment or larger equipment than what they already keep for business purposes. They might be working on a construction project a few hours away from where they normally work, so they might rent equipment from an equipment hire service instead of bringing along their own equipment.

Industrial Customers

Industrial companies often use a variety of different types of equipment in their facilities. Forklifts and other similar material handling equipment is often used in factories, for example. If a company has a breakdown with some of their most important equipment, they might rent from an equipment hire service while having repairs done. They might also rent equipment to get an idea of whether or not it will work well in their facility before making their own purchase, too.


Many equipment hire services work with the above-mentioned professionals on a daily basis. This does not mean that they don't work with everyday individuals who might be looking to take on personal projects, though. In fact, these companies regularly provide equipment rentals for homeowners who are working on do-it-yourself projects. If you're an individual who is looking to improve your landscaping at home, for example, an equipment hire might rent you a skid steer or a tractor. If you're going to be working at heights, they might recommend that you rent a scaffold to make the job easier. Typically, they will recommend equipment that is relatively easy to operate and that does not require a special license or certification for legal operation. They are often helpful in telling individuals how to use their equipment and guiding them through the rental process, too. Therefore, even if you need to rent equipment for personal use rather than business use, you should not be nervous about reaching out to one of these companies for help with renting the equipment that is right for your job.