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Do You Need a Seat Cover or an Entirely New Seat?

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Trucks and construction vehicles need to be comfortable so that the drivers can travel long distances or sit for a long time without feeling aches and pains. While seat comfort isn't the only issue affecting how drivers and operators feel, it's certainly a major contributor. Even good seats will fade after a lot of use, and if the rest of the vehicle is not ready for replacement, doing something about the seats alone is possible. One option is to get seat covers, which are more than just pieces of cloth. The other option is to get entirely new seats, and as drastic as that sounds, sometimes it's the best option.

You Need Additional Functions

If the problem with the current seats is that they lack a function you really need or want, chances are you'll need a new seat, except for certain functions. If you want heated seating, you can buy seat covers that have their own little heating network. But if you want folding seats or larger adjustment ranges for the seats, you'll need new seats overall. Many companies offer replacement seats, so look for authorised installers to ensure warranties stay intact.

It's a Cosmetic Issue

If you want to change the seats because of cosmetic issues, the extent of the cosmetic issues will determine what you need. Worn upholstery can be covered with a new seat cover. An old seat absolutely flattened with partially destroyed filling, through years of use, may need complete replacement. It's OK to replace a seat due to it looking so bad that it's beyond help — and even when the seat is merely worn. But if you're dealing with a tight budget, knowing where the line between cover and replace is, is helpful.

Something in the Old Seat Is Actually Broken

If the seat is actually damaged, a cover might not be enough. That sounds ludicrous at first — of course, you have to replace a broken seat. But again, it depends on what's broken. If you can no longer adjust the seat and can't repair that, then yes, you need new seats in the truck. But if there's just a rip in the fabric with the interior foam looking a bit rough on the side, a cover may work.

And then there's also the basic reason for replacing a seat: It was just the right time, and you wanted new seats. Whether you're just upgrading the vehicle or need to fix some badly broken seat problems, there are companies that can help you. Speak with dealers to find out what the latest seat models are like. 

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