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Mobile Cranes: What Sets Them Apart from the Rest

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Cranes are excellent industrial equipment for hoisting large and heavy items or lifting workers to access areas that they would not be able to reach. Due to their useful functions, cranes are a necessary piece of equipment for most construction projects. Almost all structures built will have a particular height/length, and there will be a need for heavy items to be moved from one area to another.

There are many different types of cranes that can be used in construction. One of the most useful types you should consider to hire for your project are mobile cranes. Mobile cranes offer the flexibility of being set up on multiple locations because they are easy to use.

Most mobile cranes are typically placed at the back of a heavy-duty truck or other similar vehicle, which can then be steadily anchored to provide a base for the mobile crane to operate. There are several important factors that set mobile cranes apart from other industrial equipment.

Easy to set up and use

Mobile cranes are much easier to set up at the site and to use during the project. They come in a convenient and portable structure that can fold up on the back of a pickup truck. As a result, they are easier to set up in different locations in order to facilitate the progress of the project.


Mobile cranes are typically stronger than many other types of equipment on the construction site. Just because they are mobile, doesn't mean these cranes are weak. They are capable of lifting heavy and complex materials to heights that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Mobile cranes are capable of combining hydraulic power with a series of axles to provide the necessary force for lifting such items. Mobile cranes are also highly durable machines that can operate for long periods of time without getting damaged.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of mobile cranes is their ability to be used in multiple locations. If you're carrying out a complex construction project with multiple access points for cranes, mobile cranes are a must-have resource.


Mobile cranes are generally more cost-effective to build than other types of cranes. For example, tower cranes need to be built from the ground up in order to produce the final item. This often takes longer and is a more expensive process than simply using a mobile crane attached behind a vehicle.