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Two things to look for when shopping for seats for heavy construction equipment

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If your heavy construction equipment needs a new seat, here are a couple of things to look for when shopping for this item.

Protection against vibrations

Heavy construction equipment tends to vibrate rather violently whilst it is in motion. This machinery is also normally used on uneven ground, which can add to the movement the driver experiences when they operate it.

This doesn't just make for an uncomfortable driving experience; it can also result in some very serious health problems. Long-term exposure to these vibrations can cause issues such as severe joint pain, muscle and nerve damage, and permanent back ache.

As such, when selecting a seat for a piece of heavy construction equipment, it is advisable to opt for one which offers some form of protection against vibrations.

High-quality suspension systems, such as those found in ISRI seats, are the best form of protection against vibration-induced health problems.

The suspension frames found in ISRI seats will absorb most of the vibrations that the machinery produces and thus allow the driver to operate the equipment safely, without running the risk of developing the aforementioned health conditions.

Physical comfort

Spending several hours in a piece of heavy construction equipment can be extremely exhausting if the seat the driver is sitting on is uncomfortable.

If for example, the seat is too hard, with very little cushioning and no support for the driver's head or lower back, they will probably find that their neck, shoulder, back and thigh muscles feel very sore and achy by the end of the day. Whilst this type of seat is unlikely to cause any kind of permanent damage, it can have a negative impact on the driver's productivity levels.

Similarly, if the seat does not feature any heating system and the driver has to operate the equipment in cold conditions, they may struggle to stay focused, because they feel too cold.

As such, it is worth investing in a seat which comes with at least one or two features that are designed to increase the driver's physical comfort.

Things like contoured cushioning, which moulds to the shape of the driver's back and thus offers a decent amount of lumbar support, along with head rests and arm rests, can make all the difference to how comfortable the driver feels when operating the equipment. Likewise, opting for a heated seat could help the driver to fend off cold-induced exhaustion if they need to use the equipment in freezing temperatures.