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Why Home Craftsman Should Use Diamond Drill Rods for DIY Projects

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As a home, craftsman you likely handle several projects throughout the year. These could be small projects like home repairs or large projects like building outdoor decks and patios. Regardless of your project list, there will be times when using a drill rod may be called for. If this is the case, you should consider the reasons why every home craftsman should use diamond drill rods for their DIY projects.


One of the key reasons that craftsman choose diamond drill rods is for the durability and ability to handle harder materials. This means that if you have a project that requires cutting through something hard, like concrete, it can be done fairly easily. Since these drill rods can handle this type of hard material, you don't have to worry about the drill rod breaking down easily and requiring immediate or quick replacement. This is ideal for a home based craftsman who may be on a budget for their equipment and supplies.

Avoid Chipping and Cracking

When you use a drill rod, you may be concerned about chipping or cracking the surrounding material. If this happens, the entire project may be lost or you may have to repair the area with some form of putty. Instead of worrying about this, you can use diamond drill rods and avoid chipping and cracking all together. The reason that diamond drill rods don't cause cracking or chipping is due to their strength and the ability to handle everything from glass to concrete. If you want to avoid damages to the expensive material you are using for the project, or having to start the project over, then diamond drill rods may be an ideal choice.

Noise Level

When you are working on projects, especially as a home craftsman in a residential area, you may be concerned with the noise level. You need to make sure you keep the noise to a minimum without hindering your time frame for the project. Diamond drill rods work at a high speed, which cuts down on the noise that is normally caused by pressure between the drill rod and the material. This means the job moves faster and the noise is reduced considerably.

If you need a durable solution for your drilling needs, and you want to avoid project issues like damage or noise feedback, then a diamond drill rod may be the ideal choice for your toolbox. If you are ready to purchase one, contact your local contractor supply store, like Afkos Industries