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Make Your Grading Even Easier With Dual Grade Lasers

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Technology has helped ease a lot of the manual function in construction processes. Where construction workers work once used string and plumbs, today professionals use grade lasers with self-leveling and rotary functions over longer ranges with better accuracy. Progressing ahead, the grade laser has evolved to dual grade lasers.

What are grade lasers?

Dual grade laser perform the same function as single grade lasers. The only difference is that the former lets you program dual grades simultaneously. Dual grade lasers can provide two axis points, each with their own X and Y settings. For example, if you are working on a road, you can program grade for a slope as well as grade for the side drainage.

Applications for dual grade lasers

The dual grade laser has provided a function that has been missing in the industry for quite a long time. This is because a lot of construction sites often require multiple grading. This includes concrete pours, grading, leveling, excavation, site prep, land clearing and landscaping. Basically, a dual grade laser can be used in any grading or leveling process, even when you're only working with one slope.


Dual grade lasers make site preparation easy. One reason for this is that one does not have to grade a site separately to achieve different grades at different points. With a dual grade laser, you can create multiple slopes on the same site in one smooth process. This saves time enabling you to complete tasks faster, especially if yours is a self-leveling laser.

In addition to that, dual grading ensures better quality work results. This is because one person grading the same area ensures better job uniformity. This is as opposed to different people grading the same area as each may use different techniques and provide different results in the end. Besides that, there is less chance of tampering with finished slopes with dual grade lasers. Thanks to dual grading, you can work on a site once and not have to worry about repeat grading that may affect your first grading.

Lastly, multiple jobs can be attained by the same machine, or individual, at the same time. There is also no need to have multiple grade lasers. For a construction project, this equates to lower costs.

To make your grading and leveling work easier, go out and get yourself a dual grade laser. You can learn more about your options as well as how to use the dual laser to full capacity by consulting resources like East Coast Lasers.